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Shungite is a black stone that is usually shiny and intense in appearance. It has a hardness of 3.5 – 4 and is often referred to as “black carbon”.

Shungite is a natural composition of primarily amorphous graphite (carbon), crystalline silicate particles and other minerals evenly distributed throughout the stone. The carbon in shungite gives it catalytic abilities, electro-conductivity and chemical resistance. Its complex composition of materials, interesting structure and amazing properties make shungite quite unique.

The varying elements and non elements in shungite are as follows:

Carbon: 20% – 95%, Silicon: 5% – 60%, Aluminum: up to 4%, Iron: up to 3.5%, Magnesium: up to 3.5%, Kaliy: up to 12%, Sulfur : up to 1.2 %, Calcium: up to 0.58 %, Phosphorus:- up to 0.34 % and various other elements and concentrated organic matter

Shungite’s outward appearance resembles anthracite, a compact and lustrous coal mineral. It also resembles black coal, most likely because it contains fullerenes.



A fullerene is a carbon molecule that is composed of an even number of atoms. Fullerenes consist of hollow carbon ions in the shape of a sphere, ellipsoid or a tube and they resemble the outside covering of a football. These carbon ions enable shungite to open, save and receive ionic information with our body.

Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by a team of scientists from Rice University and the University of Sussex. On October 9, 1996, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to 3 of those scientists: Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto and Professor Richard E. Smalley.

Fullerenes is named after Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller , a scientist and architect famous for designing the Geo Dome and other geodesic domes.

Near the end of 20th century, scientists concluded that fullerenes is a natural healer in its own right and shungite’s superpower was indeed a result of fullerenes.



The only place shungite is found is in a deposit in Zazhoginskoye, near Lake Onega in a region called Shung in the Republic of Karelia. Karelia is north west of Russia and east of Finland. Lake Onega is one of the largest lakes in Europe.




Russian scientists have been studying shungite for over 100 years and calculate its existence on earth at almost 2 billion years. Even though shungite is a fairly new discovery and is still relatively unknown, it has already been coined “The Stone of Life,” The Stone of the 21st Century and Medicine of the 21st Century.



There is only speculation as to where shungite originated.

Even though shungite resembles coal, at the time, there were no forests to form carbides such as coal.

Shungite is found deep in the layers of the Earth. It formed at a time when either no life forms existed on Earth or only proto bacteria existed in an atmosphere free of oxygen.



There are at least 3 theories explaining how shungite may have formed.

Primitive microscopic organisms existed in shallow areas of the ancient sea. These eventually produced shungite.

Billions of years ago, a gigantic meteorite could have brought a part of a decomposed planet and landed in what is now known as Karelia. This decomposed planet had carbon based life forms. A side note: Fullerenes WAS recently found in outer space.

Shungite could have formed when a volcano erupted since its form and structure are similar to volcanic ash.



In the early 1700s, Peter the Great of Russian had a palace built near a “magic” spring. That area became the first Russian resort and was named “Martial Waters” after Mars, the god of war.

Back then, the Russians must have had an inkling about the powers of shungite water because they used it to cure all kinds of issues and dis-eases including a weak stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, hypochondria, bile, scurvy, kidney problems and many others.

Peter the Great required every soldier to carry a piece of the unusual stone in their backpack. Many believed that the reason the Russians prevailed in the battle of Poltava was because the soldiers had the shungite with them.

Today, the water at the Martial Resort continues to pass through the thick layers of shungite, exclusive to that area.



Its extensive diversity of healing properties makes shungite a mineral that is unlike any other.

Scientists who have studied, investigated and worked with shungite unanimously agree that it is a “miracle” mineral.

Some words that have been used to describe Shungite’s miraculous powers are: treats, saves, purifies, heals, cleans, protects, improves, normalizes, neutralizes, restores, regenerates and even grows.

Shungite is the ideal stone to have on us because it heals on all levels. Shungite is the stone of regeneration and revitalization. Shungite initiates cell rejuvenation and enhances cell and dna / rna repair.

Shungite eliminates, kills and absorbs everything that can do harm or impose a hazard to all living beings. Shungite focuses on restoring all that is healthy, beneficial and useful for us.


Below is a list of MANY MORE HEALTH AND HEALING BENEFITS of shungite. Wait til you read all the issues it’s good for.


Like many other minerals, shungite can be held, placed on or against the body, carried or consumed as an elixir.

There is much to appreciate about shungite. Shungite eases headaches, stomach aches, backaches, rheumatism, nerve pain, nervousness and skin spots. It can stabilize our organs, our blood pressure, our bio light field and our immune system. It can clear our respiratory tract, increase our sexual activity and help us sleep. It is also beneficial for our gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and metabolism and varicose veins.



We all know that radiation exposure can cause heart and cancer dis-ease. Shungite is biologically active and can neutralize or lessen the intensity of high frequency electromagnetic emissions. This powerful stone can shield us from the electromagnetic radiation that comes from computers, microwaves, TVs, mobile phones, power lines, etc. Shungite pyramids are particularly beneficial against that harmful radiation.

What is amazingly unusual is that shungite can store electric current with out creating magnetic fields. Even more spectacular is that shungite takes the negative frequency out of any electro magnetic field which is not in tune with our DNA Light pulse frequency.



For thousands of years, the natural shungite water from Lake Onega in Russia has never needed purification prior to drinking.

Shungite is a more safe and effective method of “disinfecting” and cleaning our drinking water than boiling or using chlorine. One reason for this is because shungite has strong antibacterial abilities.

Shungite has the ability to eliminate almost all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals (including copper and iron), chlorine, bacteria, nitrates, magnesium and harmful micro-organisms from our water.

Beginning in the 1990s, shungite water filters were used commercially. During that time, many experiments and studies were conducted on shungite’s influence on the human body. Scientists concluded that shungite water was absolutely safe, non-toxic and consumable without the need to boil first.

In one experiment, water was contaminated with concentrated groups of A and D streptococcus. After 30 minutes in shungite water, both groups of streptococcus were significantly decreased.



Drinking at least 2-3 glasses of shungite water daily can cure or prevent digestive, muscular and / or neural system illnesses and increase blood circulation.

Shungite water is also beneficial for the treatment of the following: acne, allergies (all kinds), anemia, asthma, cardiovascular dis-eases, chronic fatigue, common cold, diabetes, upset stomach, indigestion, gall bladder issues including inflammation, gastritis, immune system (weak), impotence, kidney dis-ease, liver dis-ease, pancreas dis-ease, skin issues including redness.

Shungite water has an antihistaminic effect. After drinking shungite water, there is a dramatic decrease of histamine in the blood stream, which helps reduce allergies.



“Shungite water” provides powerful cures for many illnesses and helps improve many issues.

Shungite water has been found to rejuvenate our face and skin, improve skin elasticity, eliminate skin dis-eases and smooth our wrinkles.

Washing with or applying shungite water to our hair can restore its health, strengthen hair roots, fight dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Shungite water helps heal burns, cuts, rough patches of skin, arthritis, osteoarthritis and varicose veins.

Shungite water “mouth wash” can cure sore throats, stomatitis, colds and tonsillitis.



Shungite helps combat our stress and the pollutants in our environment , two things that adversely affect our health.



Shungite guards against the evil eye and protects us from negative fields and influences that can have serious effects on our health.


Shungite is even beneficial to animals. Animals in Karelia with digestive or other health issues find the stone and lick it.


From my own personal experience with shungite and hearing what others have experienced with this powerful stone, I have to agree that shungite is most definitely the miracle “medicine stone of the 21st century”.



Most crystal enthusiasts are aware of the strength and power of crystals. That being said, I have to say that shungite is by far the most powerful crystal I have ever been around.


Powerful crystals can give us all kinds of reactions. They can range from minor discomfort to mild annoyances to almost violent reactions. Crystals can make us dizzy, light headed, nauseas and cause headaches, cramps, trembles, uncontrollable shaking and pains in various areas of our body.

If you ever experience any of these symptoms, we don’t believe that (in most cases) it is cause for alarm. Based on experience, we feel that these uncomfortable symptoms are usually a result of the crystal working their magick and bringing out, eradicating, opening up and unblocking what is doing harm within our body.

When working with a new crystal for the first time, please exercise caution and awareness. If you ever initially experience an unpleasant side effect, please ONLY use the crystal for short periods of time until your body adjusts to it and its energy. Begin by simply holding it in your hand for a few minutes at a time. Hold off on putting it in your bra or kept on your body for long periods of time. This also holds true for drinking a gem elixir.

You will most likely find that the symptoms eventually ease up and go away once the crystal has done what it needs/needed to do. If you initially experienced a strong reaction to the crystal, it may be one that you need to work with from time to time.


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