When Crystals Break, Shatter or Disappear….

A question often asked is “What should I do when my crystal breaks?”

This is a good question and one which comes with different responses. Why would a crystal slip through our hands, fall from a shelf or disappear for no apparent reason? Why do we lose our beloved crystals to theft? When crystals break, disappear or get stolen, it happens for a reason, even though we may not know why at the time.

When in our presence, crystals can absorb, protect and shield us from harmful negative energy. Unbeknownst to us, this toxic energy around us can wreak havoc on our emotional, intellectual, mental and physical well being. These wonderful crystals can remove, absorb, dissolve and take in the undesirable vibrations around us. Often times, this overwhelming negativity becomes too much (even for the crystal) and it breaks, explodes or shatters.

Sometimes, the location and timing of where and when crystals break provides information as to why this happened. The properties of a crystal can also have something to do with why they may have been compromised.
Other explanations for crystals breaking:

Divine intervention

Messages from our angels or spirit guides

Maybe the crystal didn’t resonate with our energy / vibration

In the case of disappearance or theft, maybe the crystal was called to benefit someone else.

I believe THAT EVERYTHING happens for a reason. As painful as it is to lose an item we cherish, chances are that it served its purpose for us and had to move on. If we clear our mind, answers will usually come to us as to why our something happened.


Many of us use crystals in healing ourselves and others.

When crystals explode, break or crack in healing applications, they should NEVER AGAIN be used. Here again… The crystal took in (absorbed) the bad or negative energy that our body would normally have taken. We can only imagine the harm we would have endured from the “bad energy” that caused the crystal to break or explode. In this case, the crystal served its purpose to us. We have to thank it and bury it.

In cases where crystals have fallen, some may opt to glue it and keep it. If you can’t part with the crystal, tell it that you enjoy and appreciate it and want it to remain with you. Important note… When crystals brake, they should NEVER again be used for health and healing. A break can change its energy and vibration.

Some crystal “purists” believe when crystals fall, break, split or chip, they should be buried back into the earth. Go with your gut feeling on that. However, when a crystal EXPLODES, all of the pieces MUST be buried.

Someone mentioned that 3 of their stones (rose quartz, onyx and aqua aura) had recently broken:

My responses take into account the crystal’s properties and how that may have been instrumental in the crystal(s) being compromised.

Rose quartz represents love, love relationships, our emotions, our heart and heart chakra. Many people place a rose quartz in their bra to help ease stress and anxiety related chest pains. Over time, the rose quartz may turn white or break from having absorbed bad energy that normally would have affected our heart and our health.

Onyx works on the psyche, deflecting negative energy, providing stamina, inner harmony, a sense of responsibility and self confidence to the user. When onyx breaks or shatters, here again we have to think about how these related issues may pertain to us.

Aqua Aura (clear quartz bonded with vaporized gold) is very fragile and can break easily. Aqua Aura has a high and intense vibration. It calms and soothes the emotions, benefits depression, anxiety and chaotic behavior and is a tremendous stress reliever. Aqua Aura can protect the wearer from psychic or psychological attacks. Aqua Aura increases our spiritual evolvement and removes malicious and “parasitic” energies from our energy field. Many intuitives, channelers and healers are drawn to the gentle energy of this gorgeous crystal.

I have had aqua aura pieces break in two and somehow feel it is OK to keep both pieces. However, that’s me.


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