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Twin Flame Crystals

Twin flame crystals are crystals that look alike and grow together, yet are usually different in size. They are either joined at the base or they are joined at their sides often forming a V shape.

Twin flame crystals help us attract spiritual companions whose evolvement is compatible with ours. (Like attracting like). These spiritual beings usually form more of a kindred soul and platonic love relationship and bond with us rather than a romantic and / or sexual connection. Our twin flame can be a relative (parent, child, sister, brother), a friend, boss, co-worker, someone who helps us or anyone who may mysteriously show up in our lives one day.

Twin Flame Crystals help us obtain and maintain psychic connections with our twin flames, those folks who show up just at the right time with the perfect words or ideas for us.

Twin Flame Crystals mirror us, showing the world who we are and letting us see how we present our inner feelings to the outside world.
These beauties are particularly beneficial for telepathic communication and in accessing past and parallel life memories and info.

The energy of twin flames increases our natural capacity to create compatible relationships having a more active involvement with others. It helps us build a psychic affinity with others.

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