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Happy Bubble Bath Day

Yesterday was “Old Rock Day” and today January 8th (Elvis Presley’s birthday) is “National Bubble Bath Day.”

Many folks welcome the opportunity to unwind in a bubble bath after a stressful day.

Bubble baths have been around for thousands of years. Warm bubble baths are relaxing and enjoyable and actually have health benefits too. They can open up our pores, cleanse our skin and relax our muscles.

To add ambiance and help set the mood, light some tea lights. candles, lavender incense and play soothing music. If you are so inclined, read a favorite book, however I never had much luck with books in bubble baths.

Make sure you have something comfy to lean your head / neck on.

And don’t forget the BEST part…. Gemstones

Place some gemstones in that bathtub. Choose ones that are the most calming and relaxing for you. By and large, blue stones are calming and soothing. Also, toss in (gently) some heart healing pink and green stones.


P.S. Today is also National English Toffee Day!



Woman in tub

tub stones

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