Crystals and Gemstones ROCK!

RUBY… Don’t take your aluminum oxide to town.

Happy July 2nd!

What do these stones all have in common?

Exactly… These beauties are all RUBIES, the birthstone for July.


Referred to as the Stone of Nobility, Prosperity, Courage and Leadership

Considered the most magnificent of all gems…the queen of stones and the stone of kings

Ancient Greeks called it the “mother of all gemstones” because of its beauty and rarity.

The Romans called it “a flower among stones.”

Rubies were once considered to be the perfect wedding stone.

In the Middle ages, rubies were used as protection against the plague. If the ruby’s color became darker, the wearer would go to another place to protect themselves from infection. When the stone returned back to its lighter color, they returned home.


Associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness

Brings sensual pleasures

Increases sexual energy and desire

Balances our heart

Calms hyperness

Encourages passion, joy spontaneity, laughter, courage and a zest for life

Brings potency, vigor and positive dreams

Promotes a clear mind

Increases concentration and motivation

Helps us set realistic goals

Brings a sense of power, confidence and determination that helps us overcomes timidness

Catapults us toward prosperity and achievement

Encourages us to enjoy being in the physical world


Overcomes exhaustion and lethargy

Detoxifies our body, blood and lymphatic system

Beneficial in treatments of infectious diseases and restricted blood flow

Gets our blood flowing

Stimulates our heart, adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen


Activates our root chakra, brings vitality and chi (life-force energy) throughout our physical body and into the spirit

Stimulates our kundalini

Removes negative energies from our path

Stimulates the pineal gland

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