Crystals and Gemstones ROCK!


It comes almost exclusively from a small hill top called “Stichtite Hill” in Tasmania, an island state of Australia.

Atlantisite is a combination of two minerals: green yellow serpentine along with inclusions of pink or purple stichtite.

This “guardian” crystal protects us and our loved ones.


Strong association with out heart chakra

Lets us see the strengths of our heart

Activates our heart and third eye chakras

Connects our heart chakra with our third eye chakra enabling us to connect to our heart and listen to our inner intuition

Encourages us to think with love and speak with intellect

Strengthens our feelings of love, compassion and caring for the pain and suffering of others


Attracts love

Calms our emotions

Reduces stress

Helps us feel more in control of our lives

Provides companionship to us

Releases loneliness,fear of change and hardships

Come up through our body’s chakras and activates our kundalini energy and unblocks energy centers

Brings a more powerful chi (life force energy), clarity and unification

Lets us feel more love toward ourselves and others

Discourages doubt and helps us remain true to our ideas and beliefs

Strengthens loyalty

Releases emotional stuff that doesn’t serve our soul and spirit

Brings love, joy, enlightenment, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, unity and zeal

Enables us to deal with life with balance and harmony

Encourages care and tenderness and self guidance

Removes helpless and hopeless emotions, irrational fears

Increases social skills and improves relationships

Releases karmic disagreements and emotional wounds due to a lack of self love

Resolves conflicts

Increases emotional communication and understanding

Supplies self-esteem, confidence and ingenuity

Encourages us to honor our gifts and abilities

Cleans emotional immaturity

Provides emotional and physical resilience

Protects our spirit

By removing our grievances, it keeps our kidney and stomach in good shape

Its calming vibration brings peace and tranquility to our environment

Enhances our dreams

Stichtite’s energies open up the spiritual world and lets us delve inside


Heals our lungs, heart, kidney and abdomen issues

Calms muscle spasms, muscle tension and menses pains

Brings about faster recoveries from illness, unpleasant experiences and anger

Beneficial for hernias

Hypoglycemia and diabetes

Increases stamina and enthusiasm

Beneficial to chronically ill patients

Strengthens our circulatory system and nerves

Beneficial for: the respiratory tract, digestive system,sexual and reproductive organs, infertility, sexual imbalances

Fortifies blood

Aids cellular respiration

Delivers nutrients to the cells

Detoxifies and strengthens our body

Helps overcome excess weight

Activates our spinal cord


New Age stone

Helps us retrieve info about our past lives from the beginning of time

Protects our physical body while the spirit is away

Embraces an awareness and recognition to those from other worlds

Relays a message to accept all conditions

Benefits those who feel severed from their physical bodies


Attunes and connects our spirit / heart to the nature spirits and the serpent energy within the Earth

Enables us to plug into the mind and the heart of the Mother Nature


Wow!!! Who couldn’t use this ROCKIN’ mineral?



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