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Green Apophyllite

Green apophyllite has all of the properties that its sibling clear apophyllite has…. plus it has its own.

Since this mineral is green, what are three things that come to your mind regarding an association with the color “green” ?

Our heart / heart chakra, nature and money, right?

Exactly!!! This stone of growth enhances universal love, resonates with nature and is believed to bring abundance.

You know that a mineral this delicious looking will also have many more metaphysical properties.

Here are some more green apophyllite perks…

Cleanses and Balances our Heart Chakra

Balance our emotions with a gentle, loving energy

Enhances spiritual growth

Brings clarity to decisions and situations

Enables us to see all sides of an issue away from the influence of our ego or fear

Encourages us to let go of issues that no longer serve us

Helps us forgive and heal

Connects us with nature and the energies of Mother Earth

Great for healing our Earth (Pacha Mama)

Associated with the elemental energies

Provides a psychic channel which can be used for communicating with plants, animals and fairies

Beneficial in treating degenerative disease and diseases of the tissues

Removes physical and emotional toxins from our body

Speeds up recovery from illnesses

The ideal stone to be placed in healing environments / rooms




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