Crystals and Gemstones ROCK!

Choosing / Owning


There are no coincidences in life.  This also applies with crystals and gemstones.  We can be attracted or drawn to a particular crystal or an unsuspecting crystal can find its way to us. Regardless, that connection happens for a reason.

We are often drawn to a crystal because our higher self knows that we will benefit from the healing properties of that crystal. If a crystal wants to go home with us, it will likely grab our attention by calling out to our subconscious.

The various colors of the crystals play a key role in the specific properties of that particular crystal.

Green crystals, by and large, represent overall healing with an emphasis on our heart and heart / higher heart chakras.  Those who are drawn to green crystals usually need healing  / heart healing of some form or another.

Blue crystals are known for their calming and soothing properties. By and large, blue crystals are associated with out 5th and 6th chakras, communication and intuition respectively.

Many folks are drawn to pink or pinkish crystals. Pink crystals represent our emotions and love of ourselves and others. They are great for looking for a new love interest or the emotional healing or mending of a broken heart.

Some crystals work their magick quickly (moldavite) while other stones such as agates work more slowly and gradual. The “personality” of the stone plays a big role with that.

For example…  If you desire major changes in your life, wear or carry moldavite. Just be careful with fast and impatient moldavite because if you aren’t ready for those changes, moldavite is not kind, patient and understanding like rose quartz. Moldavite can backfire on you, making you feel sick or bringing too much turmoil.

Crystals offer so much and ask so little.  Crystals can help us on so many levels: physically (improves our physical well being and health), emotionally (brings love and emotional healing), mentally (thinking processes) and spiritually (evolvement and intuition).

Crystals can have a huge positive influence in our lives. These gems can calm and ground us, boost our energy, enhance our finances, provide protection, bring happiness, inner peace, love, abundance, harmony, restful sleep, psychic awareness, intuition and even encourage communication with our angels.  Some crystals protect us from harm while others empower us.

Whatever you desire and wish to manifest, call on the power of crystals. As with all of God’s wonderful creations, please respect and handle crystals with love and appreciation. That’s all they ask.