Shapes, Meanings


Crystals and gems occur naturally in many forms, shapes and sizes. Every crystal has its own specific properties and applications.  Below is a list of many forms and shapes of crystals and minerals along with some terminology applicable to our mineral friends.

ABUNDANCE: a long quartz crystal that is growing up from a base of small clustered crystals

AMORPHOUS: crystals that have no defined crystal structure

BALL (AKA SPHERE): crystal that is formed and shaped into a ball from a larger piece of crystal… quartz crystal rarely occurs naturally as a sphere

BARNACLE: a larger crystal that is completely or partially covered by smaller crystals

BRIDGE: a small crystal that attaches itself and grows out from a larger crystal (at an angle) looks like an incomplete cross

CATHEDRAL: a large main crystal with many intricate and elaborate pieces and points, a minimum of one point being at the very top

CHANNELING: a crystal that has a 7 sided facet on the front of the termination and a triangular face on the opposite side

CHATOYANCE: an illusionary moving pattern of parallel lines caused by turning the stone

CLUSTER: a group of crystals growing together having many points and sharing the same base clusters rapidly radiate energy in all directions

CRYPTOCRYSTALLINE: a crystalline structure made up of minute pieces of crystals that often cannot  be seen under a microscope. a cryptocrystalline structure has crystals smaller than a microcrystalline structure

EGG: a crystal that is shaped like an egg (oval)

ENHYDRO: enhydro crystals (often agates) contain bubbles of liquid trapped inside the stone which can be millions of years old.


ETCHED: a crystal that has abrasions (scrapes, scratches) on the outside of one or more of its sides which resemble a type of hieroglyphics

GENERATOR: a crystal that has 6 sides that meet equally at a sharp point

GEODE:  the inside of a larger form of rock that has been opened up and resembles a cave….the inside area is hollow and full of many crystalline structures pointing inward and toward th
e center… usually containing quartz, amethyst, citrine or calcite geodes gather and hold energy, slowly releasing it
HOMOGENEOUS:  a stone that has uniformity. Homogeneous can refer to a stone being uniform in color, structure, composition, texture or appearance.  The air we breathe is considered homogeneous, having a constant composition of  approx.78% – 79% nitrogen, 20% – 21% oxygen and a remaining composition of hydrogen, argon, neon, carbon dioxide, water vapor and minute amounts of other gases.

INCLUSIONS:  any particle or material that got trapped inside the crystal during its growing process.  it is widely believed that these inclusions are older than the “host rock” itself

MANIFESTATION: one or more small crystals enclosed inside a larger crystal. not common

MICROCRYSTALLINE:  a crystalline structure made up of small pieces of crystals that can only be seen under a microscope

OBELISK: tall 4 sided crystal with a pyramid shape at the top, looks like the Washington monument

OCCLUSION: a mineral deposit inside a quartz crystal

PHANTOM: a phantom or pyramid shaped reflection inside a crystal

PIEZOELECTRIC: is a vibration that occurs within a crystal when the crystal is subjected to heat, pressure (squeezing) or various electrical applications

PLEOCHROISM: Pleochroism (or dichroism) is the display of different colors of a mineral caused by viewing the mineral at various angles and varying the amount of light shed on it.

POINT: something that many crystals have… a point can be very visible or hard to see. this design is used extensively in healing.   points vary in shape depending on how quickly they form.

POLYMORPH: two minerals that have the same chemical composition, yet different crystal structure,symmetry and /or shape

PYRAMID: a crystal that has a flat bottom base and 4 sides with each side coming to a point at the top


RECORD KEEPER: a crystal that has raised etched pyramid or triangle shapes on one or more of its sides

RUTILATED: the inclusion of rutile (a titanium oxide mineral) inside the crystal, usually golden or blackish strands that resembles long thin threads

SILICIFIED WOOD:  wood that has been replaced by any form of quartz

SOUL MATE: a pair of similar sized crystals growing out from the same crystal base

SPIRAL QUARTZ: distinctive twists (indentations) going around the crystal from top to bottom

TABULAR: (aka TABBY): a flat crystal (possibly double terminated) that has 2 wide sides with “notches” appearing on one or both of the sides

TERMINATION (TERMINATED): a crystal with a point on the top resembling a wand

DOUBLE TERMINATED: points on both ends of a crystal


TIME LINK: (aka ACTIVATOR) a “window” close to the top point that is shaped like a 4 sided figure with equal sides (parallelogram)

LEFT TIME LINK: a small parallelogram shape that forms a window that inclines to the left

RIGHT TIME LINK: a small parallelogram shape that forms a window that inclines to the right

TOURMALINATED:  lines of long thread like black tourmaline inside the crystal

WANDS: crystal wands are used extensively by healers, metaphysicians and shamans… some wands are man made while others occur naturally


WINDOW: (aka DIAMOND WINDOW) a large diamond shaped “window” located on the center front of the crystal.. it connects from the apex (highest point) down to the base of the crystal

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