Crystals and Gemstones ROCK!

Elixirs and Essences

Gemstone elixirs are an extremely effective way to reap the health and healing benefits of crystals.

Gem elixirs are just one more way that crystals and gemstones can work their magick for us. Gem elixirs are also known as gem remedies, gem tonics, gem drinks and “mineral water.”

When gem elixirs are made, the stone’s vibrational energies are transferred into the gem water.  Drinking this  high vibe “beverage” provides us powerful health and healing benefits.   It is better to use a glass tumbler or container rather than plastic.

While making an elixir, state your intention (verbally or by thought).  Express what health / healing benefits you would like to receive from this drink.  This  “programming” helps direct and transfer the energies and vibrations of the stone(s) directly into the gem drink.

Making elixirs and essences is fun, interesting and gratifying.

The two ways to prepare an elixir are the traditional and non traditional method.

The traditional method is by submerging the crystal directly into the filtered water.

The non traditional method  DOES NOT not involve submerging the crystal directly into the filtered water.



Use this method  ONLY if the crystals DO NOT CONTAIN metals or toxins. Crystals that flake (ie: mica) should NEVER be placed into water for consumption..


Cleanse the stone(s)

Place in a GLASS container, bowl or jar (Glass is preferable to plastic).

Let the gem elixir sit a minimum of 12 hours before drinking. You may want to cover it and place outside for 24 hours (receiving the full sunlight and moonlight)

Remove the stones from the glass prior to consuming.

Enjoy the health benefits of the “mineral water.”

If you are not going to consume the mixture immediately, remove the crystal(s) and pour it into an air tight container. You can also refrigerate the elixir.  In either case, do not keep it for more than one week.



Use this method for stones that contain metals and toxins or for stones that may crumble or flake easily (ie: mica). This method prevents toxins from contaminating the gem elixir.


Cleanse the stone(s). Fragile stones should be cleansed without using water.  For other methods to cleanse a crystal, please visit our crystals/cleansing page.

Place the crystal(s) in a DRY glass container

(Do NOT fill that glass container with water).  PLACE that container INSIDE a larger glass container of filtered, distilled or spring water. Let it stand for a minimum of 12 hours prior to consuming.