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Astrological Association:  Gemini, Libra

Chakras:  Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th)  Green Apophyllite is also beneficial to the Heart (4th)

Elements:  Wind, Earth

Hardness: 5

Vibration: 4

Key Words:  Cear Apophyllite:   intuition,  high energy, high vibration, meditation… Green Apophyllite: connection to nature, communicating with nature, recovering from illness, healing, growth, rebirth

Also Known As:

Name Origin:

Chemical Compostion:  KNa)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)·8H2O  member of the Zeolite mineral family

There are 3 types of apophyllite:

The first two include the element potassium (K).

Fluorapophyllite – K               KCa4Si8O20(F,OH)·8H2O             white, clear.yellow, green, violet

Hydroxyapophyllite – K             KCa4Si8O20(OH,F)·8H2O             white or clear

The last one contains sodium (Na) with no potassium (K)

Fluorapophyllite – Na                 Na4Si8O20F·8H2O                clear, yellow, brown

Coloring:  depending on its chemical composition: white, clear, yellow, green, violet, brown

Discovery / Found / Mined:

Stone Personality:

Emotional Properties: builds confidence and courage, removes psychological blocks, eases depression

Mental Properties: a mentally active stone, mental clarity, a better understanding of situations

Physical Properties:  beneficial for asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, blood vessels, nervous system and skin dis-orders

Spiritual Properties; a meditation crystal that opens our consciousness, enhances inner vision, psychic ability and clairvoyance, communication with our spirit guides and receiving direction from our Higher Self, helps us listen to our souls truth and embrace it without judgement and understand our spiritual lessons, processes spiritual information

Other Properties: protection from environmental pollution


Interesting Facts:

Green apophyllite is more rare than clear or gray apophyllite.  Green apophyllite is phenomenal for work involving healing the Earth and for telepathic communication with animals and plants.

Apophyllite in the shape of a pyramid carries energy and light into the heart.

Apophyllite tips are small enough to put in your pocket or bra. Be sure to keep that sharp point away from your skin.

Apophyllite is perfect for placing on altars and in healing rooms