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Astrological Association:  Aquarius

Chakra: primarily heart chakra (4th)

Element: earth

Hardness: 2 – 4

Vibration:  9

Key Words:  Known as “healer’s stone” and the “stone of health”

Brings us information, deep healing,  happiness, vitality, growth and abundance, happiness, vitality, growth and abundance,  meditative and channeling stone, examination of issues with regard      to personal concerns and interactions with others

Also Known As:  green muscovite (mica), the healer’s stone

Name: Spelled different ways: fuschite, fuchsite and fuchite

Chemical Composition:  K(Al,Cr)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2

Description: a green form of muscovite, the most common form of mica, green from high chromium content

Coloring:  green that sparkles in the sunlight

Discovery / Found / Mined:

Stone Personality: strong metaphysical properties, meditation and channeling stone

Emotional Properties: good for our psyche, eases anxiety, overcomes lethargy, helps us bounce back after trauma, physical tension or emotional stress, overcomes co-dependency and emotional      blackmail

Mental / Intellectual Properties: good for problem solving, enhances knowledge, helps us examine and understand the issues we deal with daily

Physical Properties: builds our immune system, beneficial for anemia, bone dis-ease, leukemia, balances ratio of red and white blood cells, realigns our spine, increases our muscle flexibility, eases carpal tunnel issues and injuries from strain, supports all reproductive processes, speeds recoveries, encourages us to take responsibility for our own healing

Psychological Properties:  bestows a friendly compassionate and lighthearted nature, assists with growth and development through childhood, teaches us true self worth,  unites unconditional love with tough love, helps us understand our interaction with others, a connection to the basic concerns about life, beneficial for those who come to the aid of / rescue others out of a need of “not being good enough”

In family related dis-eases, fuschite gives the “patient” the strength to find wellness and remove themselves from the “family circus.”

Spiritual Properties: powerful meditation stone,  in meditations, gives us info regarding our health, work, environment, friends and pets. During channeling, brings us info regarding herbal and holistic cures. Its radiant energy helps us access information from the universal mind, via our intuition.

Other Properties:  a stone to be used in conjunction with other stones  in healing treatments as it works well with other stones.  can transfer and increase the energies from other stones, helps bring us back quickly after emotional or physical issues,  beneficial to those studying holistic medicine or law enforcement

Fuschite helps us access information on health, particularly herbal and holistic remedies. In addition to bringing info on our physical health, it also puts us in the know regarding our stress, environment, daily routine, scheduling, career and work associates.

Lesson it Brings:  Stop trying to continually save others.  It is best to let them take responsibility for their own health concerns.

Message:  Live in the moment, smell the roses and appreciate all that comes your way

Interesting Tidbits:

The presence of chromium is what turns fuschite green.

We can alter our existence by immersing ourselves within fuschite’s green sparkly light.