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What is the Difference Between Agates and Onyx

A very good question indeed.

Agates and onyx are both forms of chalcedony, a member of the quartz (SiO2) family.

Chalcedony is  cryptocrystalline quartz which means that you can’t see its crystalline structure without powerful magnification.

The general opinion of… Continue reading

Stones for Aries

Happy Birthday to all of our Aries friends!

It’s that time of year when our Aries friends are celebrating their birthdays.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is no surprise that two stones that are particularly… Continue reading

Macro, Micro and Crypto Crystalline Quartz

Quartz is often classified by its appearance, however another way that quartz has been categorized is by its crystalline structure.The 3 crystalline forms of quartz that we are always hearing about are: macro-crystalline, micro-crystalline and crypto-crystalline. Today, the two latter… Continue reading


So, what is this mineral called moganite (no, not morganite which is pink beryl)?

Moganite is a grayish translucent mineral, that along with quartz, makes up chalcedony.

Moganite is actually a polymorph of quartz which means that it has the… Continue reading

The Many Colors of Green (Crystals)

In honor of St. Patty’s Day this past Monday, I would like to touch on the color GREEN.

There are many variations of green.

By and large, green stones represent growth, expansion and overall healing. Green is associated with our… Continue reading

Stones for Pisces

Happy Birthday to all of our Pisces friends!

Pisces are among the most sensitive and intuitive folks of the zodiac.

Ruled by a windy and blustery planet (Neptune), Pisceans seem to have their heads in the clouds more often than… Continue reading

Stones for Healing

Earlier today, I was asked the following question.

“What would be a good set of healing crystals to use. I want to dither up my understanding and use of crystals. Book titles would be also welcome.”

Here is my response.… Continue reading

More Aquarian Stones

Before we say goodbye to all of the Aquarian birthdays, I would like to tell you all about a few more stones that are good for you “wanna save the world” Aquarians.

Why is it no surprise that one of… Continue reading

The Difference between Pyrite and Pyrrhoite

So, what’s with the weird name “Pyrrhotite” and is it similar to Pyrite?

Yes, they are similar. They are both iron sulfide minerals. The difference between the two is that pyrrhotite has variable amounts of both iron and sulfur and… Continue reading

A Stone for Aquarians

Happy Birthday to all of our Aquarian friends !

By and large, Aquarians are progressive, visionary, humanitarian, philanthropic and ideally interested making the world a better place.

They enjoy having many friends and acquaintances, however they can have a difficult… Continue reading

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