Can Crystals Make You Sick


Below is a question I was recently asked.  My response follows. Just wondering if some crystals can make you sick enough to vomit…I was wearing tigers eye and citrine last night at work and got very sick…didn’t know if I was purging or what…was having dizzy spells too…I have been wearing these two for many

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Turitella (aka turitella agate) is the name for a brown, translucent, fossiliferous* agate found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming. The Green River Formation is a group of intermountain lakes in three basins along the Green River in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. The GRF has recorded the sedimentation in this group of lakes since

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Would like to touch on a most powerful stone that I first heard about 2 1/2 years ago. This was around the time it was discovered in Arizona in 2013. It is called AZUMAR and it is a soft pale greenish blue mineral. Azumar is a combination of quartz, kaolinite, a clay mineral with the

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ajoite in quartz

Ajoite is more than a pretty face. This intense blue / green beauty emits the loving energies of Mother Gaia and all Goddesses. Yes, that includes all of us cool mujeres on this page. This highly spiritual stone elevates us to the spiritual realms, promoting loving communication with our angels and spirit guides. Quite impressively

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Today is aka “the Day of the Festival of Patrick”. On this day, many cultural and religious celebrations are held commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. To me, March 17th represents the day when EVERYONE is IRISH. On St. Patrick’s Day, it is tradition to

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Olmiite aka Poldervaarite

Here’s a name which you’re probably not familiar with… Olmiite… Yes, there are two “i”s in the middle of the word. Olmiite is a calcium, manganese, iron, silicate hydroxide with a chemical composition of CaMn[SiO3(OH)](OH) The olmiite name comes from Filippo Olmi from Florence, Italy. It is also known as Poldervaartite for Arie Poldervaart, Professor

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Honeycomb Calcite

Honeycomb calcite is a most unusual and impressive form of calcite that has been found exclusively in one locale in the world: Utah in the U.S. Even though honeycomb calcite is a fairly new discovery, the stone is actually quite old… 150 – 200 million years old. Its colors, patterns, variations in translucency / transparency

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Chlorastrolite aka Pumpellyite


Say Hi to CHLORASTROLITE, the mineral that has more names than Carters had liver pills.  Yes, that was pretty bad…. and also sad that I am choosing to date myself. Chlorastrolite is native to Michigan where the residents refer to it as the “Green Turtle Stone.” It is also known as “Isle Royale Greenstone” (refering

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Caledonite, a lead copper sulfate carbonate, resonates with our Pisces friends. Its chemical composition is Pb5Cu2(SO4)3(CO3)(OH)6 and it has a hardness of only 2 1/2 – 3. The name caledonite comes from “Caledonia”, the ancient name for Scotland, where it was first discovered. In additon to stimulating our throat and third eye chakras, this attractive

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Lake Superior Agates

lake sup2

Lake Superior Agates are found on the shores of Lake Superior. This agate is known for its numerous red bands which are iron stains. These iron rich minerals reflect the gemstone’s geologic history in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. In 1969. the Minnesota legislature designated the Lake Superior Agate as the official state gemstone. It was

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