crystals and gemstones

Pink Aventurine

Hmmm… Kinda looks like lepidolite, however it’s more pink. It’s more opaque, grainy-ish and glittery than rose quartz. So, what mineral is it?

OK.. Here’s a big hint. Most folks associate this mineral with the color green. And one way… Continue reading

Sphene aka Titanite

Sphene (aka titanite) is a rare gemstone with lots of brilliance and shine. Its colors range from bright yellow-green, green, orange and brown. When this mineral is cut a certain way (brilliant cut), it can exhibit a fire similar to… Continue reading

Serpentine vs. Healerite

When I selected these stones, they were labeled “healerite”, however they looked like serpentine to me. It wasn’t until I did a search on healerite that I discovered that it is indeed a member of the serpentine family.

Someone well… Continue reading

Ramblings on Spodumene, Triphane, Petalite and Egos…

In 1800, “spodumene” was discovered by José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva (aka d’Andrada), a Brazilian statesman, naturalist, professor and poet. He was the one who coined the name “spodumene.” BTW, the mineral andradite is also named after d’Andrada.

Spodumene… Continue reading

Brown Spots on Amethyst Clusters

Brownish spots on amethyst (especially visible on clusters) are nothing unusual and are perfectly normal. They have nothing to do with “negative energies.” They are iron oxide spots.

The brownish spots are iron that started growing on the amethyst as… Continue reading


This pretty green specimen is brochantite, a copper sulfate mineral with a chemical composition of Cu4SO4(OH)6.

Brochantite is named after French geologist and mineralogist A.J.M. Brochant de Villiers.

Brochantite forms in arid climates or in copper sulfide areas where quick… Continue reading

Black Agate

Someone recently mentioned black agate to me.

I have to be honest. I wasn’t real familiar with black agate. So, I took to the Google cyber waves and did some geological digging.

Here is what I dug up…Mostly in the… Continue reading

Chrysoprase – Au Natural

I love posting photos of chrysoprase in the raw or “au natural” as I like to call it.

There is something about this sea foam green coloring that melts my heart and makes my eyes go ga ga. For me,… Continue reading

Don’t Overlook Silver as a Healing Mineral

When most people hear the word “silver”, they generally think of it in terms of jewelry or silver nugget bars (for investment).

Silver (symbol Ag) is a soft shiny grayish metal which is #47 on the periodic chart of elements.… Continue reading

Powerful Manifesting Stone for the New Year


A New Year represents new beginnings. It is a time when many of us express verbal and non verbal changes we would like to accomplish.

These changes are frequently… Continue reading

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