crystals and gemstones


This pretty green specimen is brochantite, a copper sulfate mineral with a chemical composition of Cu4SO4(OH)6.

Brochantite is named after French geologist and mineralogist A.J.M. Brochant de Villiers.

Brochantite forms in arid climates or in copper sulfide areas where quick… Continue reading

Black Agate

Someone recently mentioned black agate to me.

I have to be honest. I wasn’t real familiar with black agate. So, I took to the Google cyber waves and did some geological digging.

Here is what I dug up…Mostly in the… Continue reading

Chrysoprase – Au Natural

I love posting photos of chrysoprase in the raw or “au natural” as I like to call it.

There is something about this sea foam green coloring that melts my heart and makes my eyes go ga ga. For me,… Continue reading

Don’t Overlook Silver as a Healing Mineral

When most people hear the word “silver”, they generally think of it in terms of jewelry or silver nugget bars (for investment).

Silver (symbol Ag) is a soft shiny grayish metal which is #47 on the periodic chart of elements.… Continue reading

Powerful Manifesting Stone for the New Year


A New Year represents new beginnings. It is a time when many of us express verbal and non verbal changes we would like to accomplish.

These changes are frequently… Continue reading

Ametrine – So Much To Offer

At one time, the wandering tribes of South America were practically the only people who were familiar with ametrine.

Ametrine is a mineral that is a combination of brittle amethyst and citrine crystals. According to some, it is a freak… Continue reading


Many people classify pearls as gemstones. Actually, they are a hard, lustrous round shaped (calcium with carbon and other organic substances) secretion from pearl oysters or other mollusks.

Some powerful people in ancient history revered pearls because of their belief in… Continue reading

Que Sera Stone

How many of you have heard of the Que Sera Stone?Que Sera in Spanish means “What Will Be”. This expression gained recognition and popularity in 1956 when Doris Day sang “Que Sera Sera” (What will be, will be) in the… Continue reading

Angel Aura aka Angel Aura Quartz

Have you ever seen pictures of crystals with a wide range of these sparkly colors?

This eye generating crystal has almost as many names as the colors on it.

Most commonly referred to as angel aura or angel aura quartz,… Continue reading

Ocean Kyanite

Ocean Kyanite is a vibrant teal form of kyanite, the rarest member of that family. The teal coloring is a cross between blue and green kyanite.


It was originally discovered by Patrick Gundersen in the Hart’s Range in Australia.… Continue reading

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