crystals and gemstones

Imperial Jasper

There are 5 jaspers that are considered to be “fine jaspers.”

They are imperial jasper (ones pictured), blue mountain jasper, bruno jasper, willow creek jasper and morrisonite.

Imperial Jasper is found on the east side of a steep canyon about… Continue reading


Microcline is a potassium-rich alkali feldspar* and consequently a member of the feldspar family.

* Alkali feldspars refer to feldspar minerals that contain lots of the alkali elements: potassium and sodium. Other alkali minerals that you may or may not… Continue reading



Scepter (also spelled sceptor) crystals are uniquely shaped quartz. This “growth oddity” is also known as scepterism.

Scepters are long thin rod shaped crystals that have a 2nd growth that often forms over the tip on one… Continue reading



Chakras: Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th)

Hardness: 3 – 3.5

Element: Storm

Vibrates to the #1. So, if you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th (all the numbers that add up to a 1), you resonate… Continue reading

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is an area located in a remote outback area of Australia.

The different sounding name comes from the local Aboriginal term “kupa-piti” which means “white man’s hole”.

Coober Pedy has often be referred to as the “opal capital… Continue reading

Trapiche Emeralds

There is something about trapiche emeralds that just do it for me.

Trapiche emeralds form when emeralds grow with lutite, an impurity of sedimentary rock composed of small grains of sand or clay or both.

Trapiche emeralds are found only… Continue reading


Say hello to Fordite aka Detroit agate.

Yes, fordite… Hmmm. Is it named after the Ford automobile maybe? Well, it does kinda resemble a Pinto, a Pinto bean, not the Ford Pinto. wink emoticon

You are not going to… Continue reading

Recharge and Energize Yourself

There is a simple and effective trick for re-charging and energizing us.

Select a single terminated point crystal that fits comfortably in your open palm. Place a crystal in each hand. I would tend to suggest quartz, calcite or even… Continue reading



Sounds like some form of topaz, right?

Actually, topazolite is a type of andradite garnet.

A quick blurb on andradite garnets…

There are 3 types…

Melanites, aka titanian andradite, are black in color.

Demantoids, a rare and valuable stone,… Continue reading


Are you taken by the  light blue ice coloring of Zektzerite like I am?

Zektzerite was first discovered in 1966 by Seattle Mineralogist Benjamin Bartlett “Bart” Cannon.

It is named after Jack Zektzer, a mathematician and mineral collector from Seattle.… Continue reading

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