crystals and gemstones

Recharge and Energize Yourself

There is a simple and effective trick for re-charging and energizing us.

Select a single terminated point crystal that fits comfortably in your open palm. Place a crystal in each hand. I would tend to suggest quartz, calcite or even… Continue reading



Sounds like some form of topaz, right?

Actually, topazolite is a type of andradite garnet.

A quick blurb on andradite garnets…

There are 3 types…

Melanites, aka titanian andradite, are black in color.

Demantoids, a rare and valuable stone,… Continue reading


Are you taken by the  light blue ice coloring of Zektzerite like I am?

Zektzerite was first discovered in 1966 by Seattle Mineralogist Benjamin Bartlett “Bart” Cannon.

It is named after Jack Zektzer, a mathematician and mineral collector from Seattle.… Continue reading


“Archangels” refer to “angels of a higher kind.” Archangels, aka celestial angelic beings oversee the responsibilities of guardian angels and other celestial light beings who act as our guardians and guides.

Archangels have been acknowledged in the bible, possibly as… Continue reading

Pink Aura Quartz

Pink aura quartz is aka rose aura quartz

When the word “aura” precedes the word quartz, it indicates that the quartz has been man / woman created. Pink aura quartz goes through a similar process as angel aura. The quartz… Continue reading

Azurite Turning to Malachite


Azurite and malachite are close kissin’ 1st cousin copper carbonates. Alright, they are more like siblings. smile emoticon

Azurite’s chemical formula is Cu3 (CO3)2(OH)2

Malachite’s chemical formula is Cu2(CO3)(OH)2

So, what causes azurite to… Continue reading


The merkabah is believed to be the fundamental pattern that created all of the universes and everything in them, both visible and invisible.

The most widely accepted definition of a merkabah is that it is a vehicle of ascension, an… Continue reading

Ethiopan Welo Opals

Many opals come from Australia, however there is a fairly recent discovery of opals in Ethiopia.

Whereas Australian opals are sedimentary in nature (forming in ancient sea beds) Ethiopian opals originate from volcanic activity and are referred to as “hydrophane… Continue reading


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a BEARITE… Yep, this is Gail’s attention seeking attempt at humor this morning.

Actually, there has been an ongoing controversy regarding the spelling of this pretty mineral. For the past 100 or so years, the U.S. spelling… Continue reading

Pink Aventurine

Hmmm… Kinda looks like lepidolite, however it’s more pink. It’s more opaque, grainy-ish and glittery than rose quartz. So, what mineral is it?

OK.. Here’s a big hint. Most folks associate this mineral with the color green. And one way… Continue reading

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